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About Tooling Technik

Tooling Technik supplies various consumable components used in the manufacturing environment. These range from fluid fittings & couplers to heating products. There is also a division that caters for ancillary processing equipment. This varies from water & temperature control equipment to production monitoring services. We have a strong focus on offering service not sales.
Tooling Technik supplies tst products

TST is a manufacturer of quick connection elements, mainly in the form of Quick Release Couplings/Coupling Systems. With the main purpose of providing production methods, aiming to achieve time efficiency for Industrial Connections. With over 30 years as a market leader in the fluid transfer sector, many solutions are offered for pneumatic, water, hydraulic, gas, chemicals, vacuum and other fluids.

• Water Couplings
• Pneumatic Couplings
• Safety Couplings
• Swing Couplings
• Quick Action Couplings
• Hydraulic Couplings
• Flat Face Couplings
• Manifolds & Flow Indicator
• Water & Hydraulic Multicouplings
• Mould Cooling Items
• Hoses
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Tooling Technik supplies Plassteze products

Plassteze offer quality polishing machines & consumables. Offering a full range of polishing products to industries. Products include diamond files, polishing stones, ceramic fibre stones, diamond compound, mounted points, ultrasonic, micromotor and flexible shaft polishing machines.

• Lapping & Polishing Machines & Consumables
• Standard Mould Parts
• Hydraulic Quick Mould Change System
• Magnetic Quick Mold Change System for Injection molding machines
• Electric rotary grinder
• Ultrasonic Cleaning System
• E-Camguard Die and Mould Protection System
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Tooling Technik supplies Airtect products

The AIRTECT Plastic Leak Alarm System is a unique device which gives protection against plastic leak damage caused by leaking plastic either within a Hot Runner Mould and/or at the IMM Injection Nozzle. AIRTECT Systems are used worldwide by companies especially in Automotive and Medical Device manufacturing.

• Nozzle & Barrel Protection
• Nozzle & Hot Runner Mould Protection
• Hot Runner Mould Protection
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Tooling Technik supplies SISE products

International specialist in interconnected temperature & process control systems for the plastics & composites for industry.

• Sequential Valve Gate Control
• Multi-Zone Controller for hot runner systems
• Water and Oil Temperature Controllers
• Process control monitoring
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Tooling Technik supplies Avalon products

Avalon’s MoldWatcher™ system, featuring our patented Near-IR lighting, will detect the presence and absence of parts, inserts, broken cores, and lifters. It alerts operators and stops the press before any hazardous force can be put on the mold using non-contact vision technology.

• Prevents traumatic mold crashes
• Event Log
• Various Report Output Options
• Context Sensitive Display
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Tooling Technik supplies CRG products

CRG offer sales and service of robot and manipulator end of arm tooling (EOAT). The main products are gripping, absorbing, cutting, quick change and other products. Their products have been widely used in automotive, packaging, home appliances, food, medical and other industries. The products are modular and offers you infinite construction possibilities to easily build robotic grippers to your requirements.

• Automatic quick changers
• Manual quick changers
• Parallel grippers
• Grip modules
• Air nippers
• Vacuum modules
• Stent modules
• Vacuum generators
• Various extruded profiles
• Various pneumatic fittings
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Tooling Technik supplies EVOSYS products

Thanks in part to their pioneering work over 15 years, laser plastic welding is now an established joining process in industrial manufacturing. After the successful development of one of the market leaders in the field of standard systems for laser plastic welding, the foundation of Evosys Laser GmbH was the logical consequence to be able to offer the market flexible state-of-the-art solutions combined with the latest future technologies.

• Automotive lighting
• Medical assemblies
• Fluid systems
• Filtration components
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Tooling Technik supplies Mouldflo products

Mouldflo offers high quality solutions for monitoring, analysing, testing and diagnosing the cooling circuits on moulds. Innovative and customised solutions for a cost efficient and sustainable production process.

• Flow monitoring system
• Test rig and cart for mobile plug and play monitoring
• Mouldlive for remove surveillance of production process
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Tooling Technik supplies Hasteco products

The Hasteco team has been focusing on electric heating elements technology for more than 25 years. As experts in the field of heating elements, Hasteco works widely from plastic and packaging industry to medical equipment, HVAC, aerospace, chemical, and shipbuilding Industries. When it comes to heating operations in the plastics industry, Hasteco is the largest producer of coil heaters in China.

• Coil Heaters in brass or armoured
• Cartridge Heaters
• Tubular Heaters
• Barrel Heaters
• Thermocouples
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Tooling Technik supplies SST Microwelding products

Based on its expertise in the area of overlay micro-welding of precision tools, SST Microwelding has developed new solutions to enhance the ever-increasing versatility and accuracy of its equipment. SST Microwelding solutions have been designed to specifically address all issues that can be encountered.

• Pulsed Plasma Spot
• Spot tig microwelding stations
• High speed spot welding
• Laser welding wire & supplies
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